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5 Reasons to Get a Cash Loan

There are many reasons why people get cash loans. These are also called payday loans or cash advances, allow you to borrow a small amount of money until payday. Although the interest rate is a little higher than most credit cards, when used responsibly, the rates are very reasonable. Some people are hesitant to get one of these services because they've heard so many bad things about them. However, there are many cases where it is better to get an advance than wait until payday.

Reason #1

You Need Money to Get to Work

Most of us need reliable transportation to get to work. Although some people live in an area where they can take the bus or telecommute, cars get many people to and from their jobs. If your car is having trouble, you need to get it back up and running as soon as possible. These advances can pay for your car to be repaired, so you can get back to work as quickly as possible.

Reason #2

A Dying Family Member

When a close family member is nearing death, you want to be there. It can cost a lot of money to travel on short notice, and many people don't have the money saved up to visit their relative when they need it. An unsecured lending product can get you the money that you need in order to be there to see your loved one again.

Reason #3

Your Utility Bill Will Otherwise Be Shut Off

Although utility bills are a predictable part of life, sometimes they end up being a little higher than expected. After an especially cold month in the winter, or a scorching hot summer month, you may experience a little sticker shock when the bill comes. A lender can help you pay the bill and keep you from getting your utilities shut off, saving you from reconnection fees.

Reason #4

Save on Bank or Credit Card Fees

It may sound a little odd to take out a payday loan to avoid bank fees, when these services are known for their high interest rates. However, bank overdraft fees, if you calculated them on annual percentage rate basis, can make the fees seem downright cheap. Overdraft fees often cost nearly $30 per transaction, even if the charge is as little as $1, and your account goes back into the black the next day. In addition, you can get several overdraft charges if you have several small transactions. Going over the limit on your credit card, or paying your credit card late, can also come with hefty fees. Cash advances can help you avoid these outrageous charges.

Reason #5

Medical Costs

When you or one of your family members needs medical attention, you don't want to have to wait until payday. Depending on your insurance, co-pays can be costly, and so can some kinds of medicine. If you don't have insurance at all, you'd need to pay a doctor up front, or deal with astronomical emergency room bills later. Unsecured advances can get you the money that you need to get you or your family member to the doctor.